Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The Stop Yelling Challenge - Update Until Day 2

Hey it is middle of the week, Happy Wednesday people! I am so glad we're finally getting there - to the weekend of course. That is when Mr. Fruitheart is back from India. Wohoo! (Do you see how much I missed him?) *WINK*

I am surprised at myself until now. I did not yell or scream at my children for two days in a row. BRAVO! Of course there are crying, toys scattered everywhere, re-organising stuff in the kitchen cabinet and playing with the tap water. I let the girls re-organise, first the cans inside the kitchen cabinet and then the vitamin bottles in the fridge. I told them in a calm voice, "Please tidy up after play." They did tidy up the place, they tossed everything inside. Tell me, what a three and twenty-two months old knows about putting the things back in order? None. At least, they didn't throw everything on the floor.

On the night before while I was reading, my baby accidentally dropped my 1 litre water bottle on my head. It hurt really bad and I was about to shout at her. I stopped, hold my chest and count to 20. After a while, we're both OK. And yesterday while I was cooking, my baby girl wanted to wash her plate and then she decided to play with the tap water. I told her NO, and she cried so I just let her play until the floor got wet. I closed the tap and she cried. What did I do? I let her cry and not long after that, she stopped crying because her big brother called her and asked to watch TV. See? No yelling and shouting needed. I just need to ignore them for sometime. *GRIN*

Just before bed, my girls took out all their Lego and began to throw everything. I took a deep breath and asked them, "OK, you need to clean this all after you're done playing." My baby girl being cheeky, she said, "NO." I asked her who will clean it then. I bet you know her answer, "Mama" and point her finger to me. She even gave me her wide cheeky grin. I asked them to pick up their toys and I will help. Guess what, they said "THANK YOU MAMA." OK, I'm going to cry at the corner now.

On both days, I slept without feeling guilty and yeah I felt great. I know I can do this, InsyAllah. What I need - patience and an alternative to yelling.

P/S: I am seeing a box of Ferrero Rocher coming my way.

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