Monday, 7 September 2015

The Stop Yelling Challenge

I realised that I totally lost my cool over something really small. Last month, I have set a week not to yell at my kids. I failed. Even though I put it as my weekly goal, I still failed. I am the worst mom ever. *Cries*

Every night I went to bed with a huge guilty rock on my head.  Why is it so hard not to yell and scream at your kids?

Below are the ridiculous reasons why I yell.
1. When my kids throw their toys all over the place. They throw and don't play. -- Tell me how does it feel when you stepped on a small tiny Lego.

2. When my girls re-organising stuff inside the kitchen cabinet. -- I like my things in order, small in front, big bottles behind. Perfect like that.

4. When my boy takes his clothes at the bottom, and make the top fall. You get the picture right? -- Why can't they take the one at the top, put it aside then take the one they want from bottom and put the top one back properly? But they just have to pull it like that.

5. When they make a mess and don't want to clear things after that. -- In EVERYTHING they do.

Why does these behaviours upset me so much?
I can't function when the house is in a mess.
I am Queen of The Organised.

The number one thing I yell is because I hate seeing my house in a mess, just got back from work and and I'm tired.I have reminded my self again and again that a clean house is not as important as having happy children! They need to be free doing what they like. They are just kids. Kids should be having fun.

So, here I am challenging myself for one week starting today 7th September until 13th September.

I have listed three alternatives I will do instead of yelling.
1. Drink a glass of water.
2. Wash my face.
3. Say out loud “They are just kids and I love them.”

Good luck dear self!

P/S: For a reward, I will buy myself a box of Ferrero Rocher.

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