Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Family Vacation 2015 - Krabi Day 2

On our second day in Krabi, we went to the few famous places suggested by our friendly and kind tuk-tuk driver which I totally forgot his name. Sheesh.

Our first stop was the Giant Catfish Farm located 10 minutes drive from the hotel. My children love fish. We were greeted by a very nice and friendly lady who is not local. I didn't get the chance to ask where she's from. The area is filled with ponds and few aquariums. It feels like going to a jungle trekking. In addition to the catfish, there are also turtles and crocodiles. We saw a wild boar and boy we were scared when it came out from it's shed. It was huge and black and yeah ugly. HAHA. We left the place. Sadly to say, the place is not maintained. They could have at least clear the passage for tourist to walk.

Next, we went to the outdoor aquarium. I thought the aquarium was somewhat like what we saw in Aquaria KLCC. NOT. The centre houses different kinds of marine life - mostly fishes being put in a large saltwater lakes which will be released later back into the sea. There were also Hawksbill turtles, sharks and some giant groupers which I wouldn't dare go near them if I ever swim in the sea. Our favourite were tanks filled with baby ‘Nemos’, or anemone clown fish. Wish I could keep them. Same as the Giant Catfish farm, some sections of the site are not well maintained.

The centre is located on the right-hand side of the main road through Ao Nam Mao, approximately 1km before Fossil Shell beach which is the next place we went.

We visited the Fossil Shell Beach at around 11.30AM Krabi time. It was a very sunny day and honestly nothing much or fun there. My girls were afraid of the dead crabs they saw on the rocks. We left the place after spending about 10 minutes there.

They said, every trip is not complete if we did not go for an elephant ride. We were all excited and it was our first time riding on an elephant. My eldest and youngest ride on a male elephant with Mr. Fruitheart while me and my other daughter ride on a female elephant. Both my girls were a bit afraid of the elephant. Overall, they enjoyed it and even asked for more ride in the future.

So that's the story of our second day. Pictures will be uploaded later.

P/S: My long overdue post. Life is too full.

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