Monday, 4 April 2016

Our First Lite and Easy Weekend

Wow, some title huh? It is hard for us - me and my husband to have a relaxing or lazy weekend. For the past few months, our Saturdays and Sundays were fully booked. It is either sending boy for extra co-curricular at school, attending family events or went for tutorial. Phew!
So last weekend, boy only has nasyid practise on Saturday until 1PM. Meaning, we have one and a half day to do nothing. Says who? I still have to cook. First time, I made nasi minyak with ayam masak merah and acar rampai. Macam makan nasi kenduri kahwin oii!

The main ingredients for making nasi minyak.
I took the recipe from Azlita Aziz's blog: Nasi Minyak

I got to say, the whole family loves it although there is something missing with the taste. My acar sri rampai not as what I expected. It should have the mixed taste of sweet and sour. Maybe my measurement is not correct.
Thank you to my precious NOXXA for making my nasi minyak a success!

Nasi tomato, nasi minyak, nasi ayam - pass successfully.

And on Sunday, I made fried bihun for breakfast and lunch. Dinner brought to us by 'pasar malam TTDI.' *GRIN*

P/S: Thank you to those people who posted their recipes on the Internet.

Friday, 1 April 2016

Hello April!

It is April already? Phew! Time is moving fast. And my last blog post was on the 18th January. OH MY.. My life is too full until I do not have the time to update it.

But I do have the time to update my other social media accounts, it's because they're simple like that. Heh.

It is the last day of work for week 13. To be honest, I am mentally exhausted. When you are mentally exhausted or burnt out, your whole body is not functioning well. Everything looks miserable and it is hard to muster up the energy to care - let alone do something about the situation. Hope to have a better ending for today. Read that as: Kids doesn't throw tantrum. *Grin*

I will try to update as frequent I can - juggling between work, study and family especially kids. I can't believe how I can still handle everything. Keep holding on to yourself!

P/S: House is in a big mess! Where is the fairy godmother hiding when I need her?