Friday, 1 April 2016

Hello April!

It is April already? Phew! Time is moving fast. And my last blog post was on the 18th January. OH MY.. My life is too full until I do not have the time to update it.

But I do have the time to update my other social media accounts, it's because they're simple like that. Heh.

It is the last day of work for week 13. To be honest, I am mentally exhausted. When you are mentally exhausted or burnt out, your whole body is not functioning well. Everything looks miserable and it is hard to muster up the energy to care - let alone do something about the situation. Hope to have a better ending for today. Read that as: Kids doesn't throw tantrum. *Grin*

I will try to update as frequent I can - juggling between work, study and family especially kids. I can't believe how I can still handle everything. Keep holding on to yourself!

P/S: House is in a big mess! Where is the fairy godmother hiding when I need her?

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