Tuesday, 25 April 2017

When Your Kid Enters Boarding School For the First Time

Such a long hiatus.

Twenty-three years ago, after December school holidays in 1992, my parents sent me to one of the semi-boarding school in Penang. Now, half a lifetime later, my 13-year-old son followed my footsteps. I am half-hearted in letting him stay faraway from us, but since he wants it and numerous times showed his enthusiasm and encouraged by his dad, I had to agree. So, on 23rd March 2017 for the first time, we stepped our foot to MARA Junior Science College Kuantan. If I am not mistaken, boy is enrolled for the fifth intake.

I got a text message on Thursday, two days before school holiday. We have approximately a week to prepare for everything. As I packed his stuff and wonder am I ready? Is 13-year-old suitable to live by himself? Can he managed? Can I live in worry everyday what's going to happen to my son? There's too much negative and bad news I heard about boarding school that makes me worry.

I was assured by my husband that everything will be just fine. Boy will be enjoying his life with new friends, teachers and will survive on his own. Deep down inside my heart, I know he will. But the problem is, me his mother. I did not master the 'art of letting go' yet, therefore I do not know how's it going to be.

Fast forward to today, despite losing some stuff which is normal in boarding school, boy is happy. And although he is fully occupied with study, class, activities and programs, he sounds happy. Once in a while, he did mentioned about stress. Both of us told him that it is OK and he will catch up with time. Everyone knows, life is boarding school is about following rules and time management is vital. Once you can get hold of it, you will be just fine. We really hope he stays there until he finish off his SPM.

Boy will be back for long weekend in few days. I know he has a lot to tell when he comes back. His sisters are missing him a lot.

Visiting time for MRSM Kuantan.