Friday, 2 June 2017

Journey with Young Living: Our Sleep Potion

As mentioned in my previous post, my first YL essential oils are Cedarwood and RC. Move forward to many months later, I was looking for a cheap diffuser on FB preloved page, and found one YL distributor who wanted to let go her extra unit and can COD. It came with free 5ml lavender and lemon essential oil. At that time, the price was around RM2++, I don't exactly remember exact price.

From that moment on, my journey with YL essential oil begins. I did my research on what other oils I can use for my children. No, they do not have major issues. Basically, I need a good night sleep without having to wake up middle of the night because my girls have trouble sleeping and sometimes nightmare. Not once, but few times every night. It affects my sleep pattern and of course I am tired, although I slept at 9PM every night, but waking in between 7-8 hours of deep sleep could ruin your morning mood and health for the rest of the day.

Then, my good friend shared how her son would sleep at 2 - 3 am every night. She's like a walking zombie during daytime. She was introduced to YL essential oil and used it on her son. It worked like miracle! I consulted her and she gave me tips how to tackle my daughters issue.

My daughters issue if you may ask; not sleep on time, awake middle of the night, wake up with tantrum in the morning, crying and moody. The main reason is lack of sleep.

My friend suggested to diffuse Cedarwood essential oil for deep sleep and calming essential oil e.g. orange or peppermint for good mood. I chose orange since it is cheaper than peppermint. My daughters doesn't like Cedarwood, so later I changed to lavender (the expensive EO).

For a start, I diffused lavender essential oil every night and in the morning at 5AM before they wake up, diffused orange essential oil to boost their mood. I make this as a routine for 2 weeks, and I am delighted with the result. They sleep at 9PM, less nightmares and hardly wake up middle of the night, pleasant mood and no trouble asking them to get ready for school. I'm a happy mom!

Based on the excellent result, I asked my husband for another diffuser in our bedroom. I bought from another YL distributor who wanted to let go her extra unit too. (At that time, I didn't know about PV, points and members thing). It also comes with 5ml lavender and lemon. We used lemon essential oil for detox. No need for us to squeeze lemon anymore, just drop in a glass of water and drink!  J

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