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There's nothing more than I want in life other than being happy with my loved ones. It is so great being me ( Ya not kidding right?), where I have a job, I have the man that love me the way I am, a talkative boy who is smart and  two beautiful girls who can be my shopping partner. Surrounded by my family who will always be by my side thru bad and good times.

Syukur, alhamdulillah.. Thank you Allah for everything that I have now, for all the things be it good or bad and I can still breath in this world. There are so many things I want in life and I want to do. I pray that it will come true.. Amin.
I am an IT personnel by day, life time mom and wife after 6PM. I am a super mommy of 3 great children. I am the only wife to my only husband. The first daughter of my parents and I always have the veto towards my 4 other siblings since I'm the eldest. HAHA.

I was born on May 1981, so you can guess correctly what is my age then. I enjoy blogging during my free time and also in between work time. My blog is about my journey thru my life.

I love to eat, and I will always find a new place to taste new food. I love chocolate, love to read, and love to travel (read as HOLIDAY). When I need to be alone, I'll read. Or I just surf the net and started blog walking. Or.. if I really don't know what to do.. sleep is my final option. I enjoy listening to love songs. And when I'm stress, I cook or go for window shopping. That's the best I can do for myself. So yeah, that's all for now peeps! Thank you for dropping by. :)

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tguest said...

sis, sis nak jual tak blog sis ni? kalau nak jual, hubungi saya ya

Fara said...

Hello, sorry dear. Belum nak jual :)

Nava.K said...

Hi Fara,
I am unable to find the comment box on your latest few postings, not sure whether you have set it that way or something is wrong somewhere, just check.

CantikHijabku said...

Salam perkenalan kak... :-)

yangyuyu said...

hi nak jemput join GA

hadiah utama photobook, cash dan free besarkan gambar

dheazam said...

Assalamualaikum sis, nk mtk tolong leh?saya student master tgh wat research psl MAnglish and Singlish ni...nk mtk sis tlg compplete online survey sy bole?xbyk soalan pn,sgt simple, i promise huhuhu ni link kalo sis nk tlg sy k...